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Avoid Traffic Violations by Understanding New York Work Zone Laws

It is critical for drivers in the state of New York to understand work zone laws.

Because the chances of a dangerous accident go up whenever a vehicle passes through a busy construction zone, the state has special regulations for driving through work areas.

Ignoring these regulations can result in severe traffic offenses for drivers. For example, speeding in a work zone results in double fines. That means a fine of up to $600 and even up to 30 days in jail, regardless of whether workers are present at the time of the infraction. To ensure everyone’s safety and to avoid hefty fines and even the potential of jail time, drivers should know what to do.

What follows is information from the New York State Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee:

Driving Safely Through a Work Zone

  • Slow down whenever approaching a work zone, even if the work zone is down the road. If a sign tells you that roadwork is 1,500 feet away, that means if you’re traveling at 60 mph, you’ll be at the work zone in only 17 seconds.
  • Keep an eye out for tailgaters. The most common crash in a work zone is a rear-end collision. Instead of trying to deter a tailgater by slamming on your brakes or slowing your vehicle down to well under the limit, allow the tailgater to pass whenever possible.
  • Follow posted speed limits and go slower in bad weather.
  • Leave extra braking room between your car and the car in front of you. Be sure to keep a safe distance between your vehicle and traffic barriers, construction equipment, trucks and workers. When stopped in traffic, be sure you’ve left room between your vehicle and the one ahead. You should be able to see its rear tires.
  • Never drive on the shoulder or across the median. This is not only extremely dangerous, but doing so could lead to a hefty fine.

Work zones can be inconvenient, but potholes must be fixed, roads widened, and lanes repainted. Necessary repair and maintenance improves safety.

Hopefully, these tips will keep you from facing any traffic infractions in work zones. If you find yourself facing a New York state traffic ticket, however, it may be possible to fight it.

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