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Driver Responsibility Assessment

Schenectady Driving Without a License Lawyer

Has the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Instructed You to Pay a Driver Responsibility Assessment?

New York Vehicle and Traffic Law requires drivers who have been convicted of certain traffic violations to pay a “driver responsibility assessment” to the state as part of the consequences of the conviction. It doesn’t matter what state the car or the driver is licensed in — the driver responsibility assessment can apply to any driver who operated a motor vehicle in New York.

Proponents of the driver responsibility program contend that its purpose is to prevent repeat traffic violation citations and improve public safety on the roads.

If you have received a statement requiring you to pay a driver responsibility assessment (DRA) in New York, you should pay close attention to the dates on the statement:

  • The date of the alleged violation
  • The date you were convicted of the violation
  • The date the assessment was sent out
  • The annual statement date of your DRA; you will continue to receive statements and make payments for three years
  • Payment date: the last date that you can completely pay off the DRA

The DRA will be assessed in addition to any fines, fees, penalties or surcharges that you paid for a traffic conviction.

Examples of driver responsibility assessments for specific violations are as follows:

  • $250 a year for three years if you were convicted of an alcohol-related or drug-related traffic violation or refused a chemical test when stopped on suspicion of DUI
  • $100 a year for three years if you received six points on your driving record over a period of a year and a half
  • $25 a year in addition to the $100 for each point above the six points in 18 months that triggered the driver responsibility assessment

If you are ordered to pay an assessment, the DMV will suspend your driver’s license, your learner’s permit or your driving privileges.

Our criminal defense firm is a valuable resource for people accused of traffic violations in New York. Our traffic violation defense attorneys aggressively advocate on behalf of our clients who have been charged with speeding or who have been issued a citation for a DUI.

Contact a New York Traffic Violation Attorney

If you have received a statement requiring you to pay a driver responsibility assessment — or if you have been penalized for not paying your assessment on time — contact us. Learn how we can help with the matter at hand — and work to preserve or restore your driving privileges and your clean record.

We represent clients who face driver responsibility assessments in the Capital District — Albany, Amsterdam, Saratoga Springs, Schenectady, Troy, Ballston Spa, Bethlehem, Clifton Park, Cohoes — and across all of New York state.

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