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Schenectady County

Rotterdam Traffic Violations Attorney

It is always distressing to receive a citation for a traffic violation — especially if you believe the police officer was mistaken. Even if you know that you broke a rule, it still may seem as if the punishment is greater than warranted under the circumstances.

The bottom line with a traffic ticket, however, is that if you simply pay it and try to forget about it, it will remain lurking in government records. Still, you may find it inconvenient to try to contest the ticket on your own.

And while many drivers do not think about the long-term consequences, being convicted for a traffic ticket in New York now might affect your life in the future by:

  • Marring your clean driving record, verifiable through background checks on your name
  • Possibly harming your career, especially if you drive for a living
  • Adding points to your driver’s license, including out-of-state and Canadian driver’s licenses
  • Requiring you to pay a New York driver responsibility assessment annually for three years once you rack up six points or more on your New York or out-of-state driver’s license
  • Increasing your insurance costs — perhaps adding up to hundreds or thousands of dollars over time

Contact a New York Traffic Violations Lawyer

Were you ticketed for speeding or reckless driving as you passed through Schenectady County in rural upstate New York? If you are an out-of-state driver, the idea of returning to Schenectady, Niskayuna, Rotterdam or Glenville may seem dauntingly expensive — yet you know that you should fight the ticket now rather than let points rack up on your driver’s license.

Our experienced traffic ticket attorneys can provide a cost-effective solution for fighting your New York traffic violations — from minor citations for speeding to more serious violations such as driving without a license, without insurance or under the influence (DUI/DWI).

To learn more, schedule a free initial consultation online or by calling 866-642-3807. We also help clients who are facing a possible commercial driver’s license ( CDL) suspension or are concerned about what a repeat traffic ticket will do to your driving record.

Putting Knowledge of Schenectady County Traffic Courts to Work for You

Located in Albany and Schenectady, the traffic attorneys at our criminal defense firm know the local Schenectady County courts. We defend drivers cited for traffic violations falling under the jurisdiction of all courts in Schenectady County, including:

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