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Updated Medical Certification Guidelines for New York CDL Holders

At the end of January a new federal regulation took effect that requires all New York commercial driver’s license holders (CDL) to have a medical certification in order to legally operate their vehicles.

The medical certification must be issued by a doctor on a Department of Transportation approved form, and must state that the driver is physically able to operate a commercial motor vehicle. Typically the certification will be valid for two years, but can be good for a shorter period of time depending on the driver’s medical condition. Only exempt personnel, like school bus drivers, will not be required to submit to the medical certification.

This new regulation has consequences for all New York state-based truck drivers – and even some interstate and intrastate bus drivers. All drivers, regardless of whether their license is up for renewal, will have to provide their updated medical certification by January 30, 2014, in order prevent their CDLs from being suspended. In addition, commercial drivers must also self-certify whether or not their driving takes them out of the state.

If a driver fails to meet these requirements their license will not be renewed and they will not be able to drive a commercial vehicle. Without such a commercial license, drivers could find themselves out of a job.

All New York truck drivers should also be aware that in the future if they are cited for a traffic violation and have not properly met this new regulation, they could face a suspension or revocation of their license.

To help determine if you are required to submit a medical certification in order to obtain or renew your commercial license you can go to the New York Department of Transportation website: www.dot.ny.gov for more information.

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