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Greene County

Catskill Traffic Violations Attorney

To address the problem of a traffic violation citation in Greene County, seek an attorney who is not only familiar with the local traffic courts, but who will also deliver the quality of legal representation you would expect to find in a law firm in a major metro area. Our traffic attorneys inspire confidence in New York and out-of-state drivers alike because of our thorough and detailed approach to handling both minor and serious traffic violations.

Hudson Valley Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Drivers of private and commercial vehicles look to our law firm for cost-effective legal counsel and representation after they have been cited for New York traffic violations in Greene County such as:

Defending NY Residents and Out-of-State Drivers

Drivers from out of state, including Canadians from Ontario and Quebec, often receive speeding tickets while passing through Greene County on Interstate 87. When en route to Philadelphia, Albany or Montreal, being pulled over for allegedly driving over the speed limit is annoying. And the prospect of returning to the Hudson Valley to contest the traffic ticket seems dauntingly expensive — yet these drivers, like local drivers, wish to prevent troubles such as:

  • Increased insurance rates
  • Fines and penalties
  • The risk of having to pay the New York driver responsibility assessment, which can apply to out-of-state as well as in-state drivers

Contact a Catskill Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Don’t risk racking up six points or more on your New York or out-of-state driver’s license, triggering a requirement to pay a three-year driver responsibility assessment in New York. Fight your traffic tickets and protect your good driving record. A speeding ticket conviction in New York can affect your out-of-state or Canadian driver’s license. To schedule a free initial consultation regarding your Greene County traffic ticket, contact our Schenectady or Albany office online or by calling 866-642-3807.

Our knowledgeable New York traffic ticket lawyers aggressively handle citations that fall under the jurisdiction of all local courts in Greene County, including:

  • Ashland Town Court
  • Athens Town Court
  • Athens Village Court
  • Cairo Town Court
  • Durham Town Court
  • Greenville Town Court
  • Halcott Town Court
  • Hunter Town Court
  • Jewett Town Court
  • Lexington Town Court
  • New Baltimore Town Court
  • Prattsville Town Court
  • Tannersville Village Court
  • Windham Town Court

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