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New York Logbook Violations Attorneys

If you were pulled over by a law enforcement officer on your trucking route through New York and issued a citation for not having your logbook up to date or in order, you have options besides simply paying the fine associated with the ticket. If you pay the fine, it means that you plead guilty and you will have a conviction on your driving record. It also could have repercussions for your employer’s records.

Commercial Drivers Need to Protect Their Driving Record

As a professional driver you want to avoid any marks on your driving record and to keep your record and the record of your company as clean as possible. Any damage to your driving record could have long-term consequences, including negatively impacting your career.

Convictions for logbook violations or other traffic violations as a commercial truck driver — such as cell phone use violations, speeding or overweight truck violations — will add points to your driving record. A certain amount of points will lead to additional fines and penalties and potentially a commercial driver’s license (CDL) suspension. Convictions for traffic violations can also lead to increased insurance rates or cancellation of your company’s insurance coverage.

Contact Our New York Commercial Truck Violations Lawyers

Our Schenectady logbook lawyers can help protect your professional driving record by defending you from the charges against you. If you have been cited for having a logbook violation or another commercial trucking violation, contact us via e-mail or by calling 866-642-3807 to schedule a free initial consultation. With offices in Albany and Schenectady, our lawyers are familiar with the local courts throughout New York state and know how to fight for the rights of commercial drivers and commercial trucking companies.

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