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NY Thruway 87

NY Speeding Ticket Attorney for Schenectady and Surrounding Areas

Interstate 87 is a popular route for New Yorkers and out-of-state visitors alike, allowing convenient connection to Albany, New York City and Montreal. Between Albany and New York City, this interstate highway is known as the NY Northway 87. Tourists, business travelers, truckers and drivers traveling for other purposes often encounter law enforcement agents (police, sheriffs and state patrol) along this thruway.

Representing Local and Out-of-State Drivers Cited for Traffic Violations Along NY Northway 87

Whether you are a local driver or were visiting New York from Canada or another state when you received a traffic ticket on the NY Northway 87, it is most likely not in your best interest to simply pay the ticket and then try to forget about it. “Paying the ticket” means pleading guilty. A traffic violation conviction will remain on your record permanently and may have negative consequences far beyond the cost of the penalty.

  • Your auto insurance rates will probably go up — potentially costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars over the next few years.
  • Future potential employers, landlords or lenders who investigate your background may know that you were convicted of a traffic violation — potentially harming your prospects for whatever goals you are pursuing.
  • Accumulation of “points” on your driver’s license may mean that you will be required to pay a New York driver responsibility assessment over three years’ time — whether you live in New York or out of state. Failure to pay the driver responsibility assessment may lead to suspension or arrest if you continue to drive while your license is suspended.

Experience tells us that it is definitely worth your while to talk to an attorney about your New York traffic ticket. We work hard to keep our advocacy cost-effective and convenient for our clients, and we are proud of our track record of favorable outcomes.

Fight the Ticket · Our New York Traffic Violations Lawyers Can Help

With an office in Schenectady, New York, our law firm represents motorists who have been cited for offenses such as the following on or near I-87:

There may be mitigating circumstances that a skillful lawyer can use in your defense:

  • Poorly marked construction zones
  • Challenging weather conditions that led to traffic violation citations
  • Actions by other motorists that resulted in erroneous “reckless driving” charges against you
  • Malfunctioning speed-detecting radar equipment in the police car

Discuss the facts of your case with an experienced upstate New York traffic ticket attorney and learn how we can work to protect your good driving record.

Did You Receive a Speeding Ticket Along the New York Northway 87? Contact a Traffic Tickets Lawyer

Contact an experienced, accomplished New York traffic tickets attorney to schedule a free initial phone consultation after you have been ticketed on the Interstate 87 portion of the New York State Northway. E-mail us or call 866-642-3807.

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