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Genesee County Courts

Genesee County Traffic Violations Attorney

Did you receive a speeding ticket while driving through Genesee County down Interstate 90 or other highway, byway, road or street? Whether you are a local resident or from out of state you may be facing a traffic violation citation for:

A clean driving record is worth the fight to keep damaging points off your driving record. As points add up on your driving record, you could be required to pay additional fines and penalties. Once you have 11 points, your driver’s license will be suspended. Keeping points off your record also keeps your insurance rates down.

Contact a LeRoy Town Court Speeding Ticket Attorney

With offices in nearby Schenectady and Albany, our Genesee County traffic lawyers thoroughly know the local traffic courts. Our knowledge of the local courts enables us to achieve favorable results cost-effectively on behalf of our clients. If you have received a traffic ticket in Genesee County, contact us online or call us at 866-642-3807 for a free initial consultation.

Our goal is to get your charges reduced or dismissed in all of the courts falling under the jurisdiction of Genesee County, including:

  • Alabama Town Court
  • Alexander Town Court
  • Batavia City Court
  • Batavia Town Court
  • Bergen Town Court
  • Bethany Town Court
  • Byron Town Court
  • Corfu Village Court
  • Darien Town Court
  • Elba Town Court
  • Genesee County Court
  • LeRoy Town Court
  • LeRoy Village Court
  • Oakfield Town Court
  • Pavilion Town Court
  • Pembroke Town Court
  • Stafford Town Court

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