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Cortland County Courts

Speeding Ticket Defense Attorney in Cortland County

If you received a traffic ticket in Cortland County, an attorney who is familiar with the local traffic courts and experienced in New York traffic violation defense can help you fight it. We represent both out-of-state drivers and New Yorkers who received traffic tickets in Cortland County.

Our attorneys handle speeding tickets and other moving violations on all highways, byways, roads and other streets in Cortland County. Perhaps you were passing through Cortland or another small village or town on New York State Route 13 and did not notice the reduced speed limit and were given a speeding ticket. We represent people cited for:

Whether you are from the area or not, our attorneys can cost-effectively and efficiently represent you in court. In many cases, we can defend your driving record on your behalf so that you do not need to return to Cortland County to attend your court date.

Contact a Cortlandville Town Court Traffic Ticket Violations Lawyer

Only if you are convicted of a traffic violation are points added to your driving record. Once you have six points, however, you will be required to pay a driver responsibility assessment for three years to New York. If you accumulate 11 points in an 18-month period, your driver’s license will be suspended.

Be proactive and protective of your driving record to avoid accumulating points. Contact us at our Albany or Schenectady office to schedule a free initial consultation by calling 866-642-3807.

Our experienced New York traffic ticket attorneys aggressively handle citations that fall under the jurisdiction of all courts in Cortland County, including:

  • Cincinnatus Town Court
  • Cortland City Court
  • Cortland County Court
  • Cortlandville Town Court
  • Cuyler Town Court
  • Freetown Town Court
  • Harford Town Court
  • Homer Town Court
  • Homer Village Court
  • Lapeer Town Court
  • Marathon Town Court
  • McGraw Village Court
  • Preble Town Court
  • Scott Town Court
  • Solon Town Court
  • Taylor Town Court
  • Truxton Town Court
  • Virgil Town Court
  • Willet Town Court

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